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How To Become A Real Estate Agent For Commercial Real Estate:

Learning how to become a real estate agent can open many doors for you. These include working in the commercial real estate industry, where commissions are high. This field, though, is different from residential real estate, and knowing what it entails is a step toward succeeding in it.

How to Become a Real Estate Agent: Basic Requirements:

The first step on how to become a real estate agent is to get a license. For this, you need to meet certain requirements.

You need to take pre-licensing courses, college degree and a legal US resident.

You can get more information on how to become a licensed real estate agent by contacting us.

Entering the Commercial Real Estate Industry:

Commercial real estate is a fascinating industry. It may not have as much volume as residential, but the financial opportunities are high. This is because of the significantly higher value of the property.

In order to focus on commercial real estate, you have to look for a brokerage that specializes in it.

Job Description:
A commercial real estate agent must provide a commercial buyer with market demographics studies, environmental research, and significantly more financial analysis.
Additionally, commercial clients are concerned with area, local statistics, and data involving the property’s location, as well as the demographics of nearby businesses and the area’s population. Most of an agent’s clients are businesses that depend on placing their firms where the immediate and nearby population suits the goods they sell or the services they provide.
A daily to-do list for a typical commercial real estate agent involves cold calls to business owners and managers, both to locate new potential sales and to glean statistical information. Agents also research and analyze typical lease payments for other commercial properties and office complexes in the area.
Additionally, commercial real estate agents must employ statistical analysis techniques, including breakeven analysis, to help clients determine a basic margin of safety. Other common responsibilities include researching and discussing property maintenance cost and possible renovations, networking with local businesses, negotiating between buyers and sellers, overseeing property inspections, arranging for financing, and facilitating final transactions.
As a leader in the investment brokerage industry, Coldwell Banker Commercial — Global 1 maintains a proven agent development model that offers significant earnings potential and no glass ceiling on your income – no salary or draw is provided, and no real estate experience or license is required to apply.

Working for CB Commercial — Global 1:

Large commercial real estate firms like CB Commercial are based in bigger cities, and their offices have regional coverage. Within our firm, you will find different areas of specialty. These include commercial leasing for professional and office buildings, retail, medical, educational, and industrial. It can also include investment sales, multifamily or apartment sales, and many others.

In fact, we have offices around the world.  If you start with a our firm, be prepared to know your market and specialty well. Take care to nurture your leads, strategize properly, and move up by closing lucrative deals.

Specialties within Commercial Real Estate:

All successful Commercial Real Estate agent are specialized in a market and product.  Products are: Retail, Multi Family, Office, Warehouse (Industrial), Hospitality and Land.  Focus on one market and one product.

The Demands of Being a Commercial Real Estate Agent:

The knowledge you get from learning how to become a real estate agent is just one thing. Commercial real estate is stressful for a lot of reasons. First, you’re dealing with investors, entrepreneurs, and officers who need to make tough financial decisions. Second, the money involved can be daunting. These people want nothing but the best from you.

To be successful, you should be ready to work long hours, build a network of clients, and connections, and go the extra mile to provide quality service. Sometimes making the right phone call at the right time could be the difference between making and losing an important client or deal.

Most commercial real estate agents don’t spend a lot of time in the office. Instead, they are outside, talking to or meeting with clients, facilitating deals, or keeping track of the property developments. This makes it a nice job for someone who’s active and sociable.

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